The Class 1 license, AZ license or truck driver license is required to drive any combination of the tractor-trailer. The AZ and Class 1 license is also called CDL(Commercial Driving License). Although A CDL, AZ or Class 1 license will not guarantee a truck driving job, it enables you to qualify for that. The AZ license also enables you to drive straight trucks.

Steps to get a truck driver license (AZ license) in Ontario are as follows.

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Pass the medical and vision fitness test.

  • Must have car driving license or it’s equivalent (G in Ontario and Class 5 in other provinces).

  • Score 80% in Truck Driving Rules, Road Sign tests.

  • Pass Air Brake Tests.

  • Enroll in a truck driver training course.

  • Pass the road test.

1. Be at least 18 years old

Minimum age requirement for a truck driver license is 18 years. Some insurance companies do not allow trucking companies to hire a driver less than 21 years of age. Therefore, the ministry needs only 18 years, but for good trucking jobs, you may have to wait 3 more years.

2. Pass the medical and vision fitness test

Consult your family doctor for a medical fitness test, they may charge you around $70 for the test. Your vision will be tested in the Drive Test Center on the day you go for written exams.

3. License

In Ontario, you must have a G license or equivalent to enroll in a truck driver license course. It is a Class 5 license in other provinces. No matter how fresh your G license is, you can enroll in a truck driver license course. In British Columbia, you have to wait 30 months after Class 5 license.

4. Written Test, Truck Driving Rules and Road Signs

  • Truck Driving Rules Test

There are 30 multiple-choice questions in this test, and you have to score 80% in order to pass.

The following link has sample questions and answers for truck driving rules test. You can also download truck driver license questions and answers pdf from following links.

  • Road sign test sample questions and answers are available in the following links

Remember, no time limits for these tests, take your time and clear them. It is best to buy a ministry handbook for a truck driver license. Ontario Ministry handbook is available here.

5. Air Brake Knowledge (written) and Practical Test.

  • Air brake knowledge(written) test.

This test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 80%. Air brake knowledge test sample question answers(pdf and online) are available at the following link.

  • Air brake practical test.

It is a 7 step air brake practical test. The 7 step air brake test and its pdf is available in the following link.

It is best to read the Ontario Ministry handbook which is available here.

The next step is to find the best truck driver training school.

6. Enroll in a truck driver training course.

This training includes 103.5 hours of instruction and training to safely operate heavy trucks on the roads of Ontario. It may take up to 6 months. The approximate cost of truck driver license in Ontario is $ 7,000. Most of the training schools in the Greater Toronto Area finance this fees.

Here is the list of Best Truck Driver Training Schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

Now it is time for the road test.

7. Road Test.

You will be asked to perform following tasks step by step on the day of the road test.

  • Pre-trip inspection.

In pre-trip inspection focus on items, you are looking and touching at, speak loudly and clearly. Read more about the pre-trip inspection in the link below. You may be asked to explain the potential defects of a specific item. A pre-trip inspection is considered ok if you do not accumulate more then one error.

  • Coupling and uncoupling.

Make sure you go out of the cab and check the surroundings during the coupling and uncoupling process. Do not forget to lift the landing gear up. Tug test is mandatory to test the secure coupling. Do not accumulate more than 2 errors.

  • Driving on the Road.

Drive safely on the road, do not look at the examiner, look on the road. Apply defensive driving techniques, never turn right on a red light. Do not accumulate more than 30 errors in driving and backing up. Safe driving is the key to pass the road test.

  • Backing up.

Always go out and check the clearance before backing up. Best backing up practice is backing up using mirrors.

Now you have a truck driving license in your hand, Start looking for a job. Make a good resume and start applying. Click here to download sample truck driver resume.

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